Training and development services

Training is considered one of the most important basics of the individual and the association’s success because through which one acquires many skills and develops his/her behaviors, so this would be reflected positively on the individual’s personality and his /her work. BKC is keen on implementing its training program and workshops in cooperation with specialized bodies and professional trainers to ensure the best results away of the theoretical training.

Our programs are characterized by trips and field visits with respect to the field and the specialization of each program.

The fields of the programs and courses

– Business Administration with its all branches

– Developing the initiators and projects

– Programs for educators and family specialist

– Programs for skills and developing behaviors BKC also provides services that support the trainers and the training centers like:

– preparing training portfolios which are consistent with your objectives

– Evaluating and crediting the training portfolios

– accrediting the trainers and the training centers with respect to the conditions and regulations

– accrediting courses, programs and certification with respect to the conditions and regulations