BKC is considered one of the associations which are specialized in the field of consulting and training

services; BKC is registered in the British Trade Ministry.

BKC is interested in providing its services at an international level because we consider that the international market is a market for all, and there are not any boarders among the clients due to our representatives and persons whom we deal with are in all countries. We are ready for any new cooperation.

Our objectives:

– Developing and enhancing business with creating a competing feature

– Rehabilitating and developing the individuals because they are one of the most important factors of success

– Sharing experiences and experiments to participate in the project progress

– Supporting the training process through our services

– Reserving the rights of ideas’ owners and distinctive individuals

– Motivating the entrepreneurs to extend their project at international level

– Creating a ware generation who is able to work with respect to a clear plan and visions

– Spreading the culture of crediting the individual and the association with respect to the specific conditions and regulations BKC aspires to have representatives and branches all over the world that’s what we seek through the flexibility of our services that meet the needs of the local markets.

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