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BKC is considered one of the associations which are specialized in the field of consulting and training services; BKC is registered in the British Trade Ministry. BKC is interested in providing its services at an international level because we consider that the international market is a market for all, and there are not any boarders among the clients due to our representatives and persons whom we deal with are in all countries. We are ready for any new cooperation.

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Services for entrepreneurs

BKC provides its consulting services to develop and enhance the training and business level because we trust that the training is an integral part of the successful future of business.

Supporting business
services :

We offer the smart solutions to support entrepreneurs, initiators, and institutions through a series of services provided by our offices, representatives and different cooperative bodies.

  • Consulting to establish and develop institutions and business
  • Guidance for business development through field visits, interviews or even online communication as it is required by the interest of work
  • Implementing credited studies and plans to establish and develop the existing projects
  • Registering the international brands (Branding)
  • Registering the projects in Britain, America, and Canada; getting the official
  • Commercial Providing initial services for quality solutions in cooperation with specialized experts in this field

Training and development
services :

Training is considered one of the most important basics of the individual and the association’s success because through which one acquires many skills and develops his/her behaviors, so this would be reflected positively on the individual's personality and his /her work.

  • Business Administration with its all branches
  • Business Administration with its all branches
  • Developing the initiators and projects
  • Programs for educators and family specialist
  • rograms for skills and developing behaviors
  • preparing training portfolios which are consistent with your objectives
  • Evaluating and crediting the training portfolios
  • accrediting the trainers and the training centers with respect to the conditions and regulations


To be a part of a work organization is considered one of the basics of success because through this membership we can work together to achieve success. BKC is keen on providing the various support and services for its clients; we will be aware of providing the support for members with respect to the specific conditions and regulations that go with the objectives and policy of our institution. So we offer several memberships that will be in line with the different target groups of entrepreneurs, institutions, trainers, and training centers.


Through the Fellowship program that BKC offers only for specialists in their fields who will be carefully chosen, we are keen on meeting and achieving the objectives of all parties.



One of our objectives is the international circulation of our services; this will be achieved through cooperating with representative all over the world. So BKC appreciates cooperating with any efficient individual/ institution to be our representative in his/her/ its country


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For the centers belonging to Middle East Countries ,please contact Al-Ebdaa center ( GCC Partner – kuwait )